Grow your own Blueberries this summer

Simply put “Blueberries are delicious”, whether you use them in desserts, with baking or best yet eaten fresh off the bush.  Nothing can beat the pleasure of growing your own blueberries and being able to transform yourself into a forager in your own garden. Advantages of growing your own blueberries Fresh berries every year Amazing taste and texture Not being … Read More

How To Start an Edible Garden in the East Rand

Starting an edible garden is one of the most rewarding projects you can embark on in your garden.  You and your family will be able to enjoy a bountiful harvest fresh from your own garden. Growing your own will allow you to move away from harmful chemicals and sprays so prevalent in shop bought produce, it will also give you … Read More

Forage for berries in your own garden

It may seem like we have moved past the time of foraging for our food but if we think about it we have just swapped one type of foraging for another.  Of course a lot has changed since then with us foraging for our food in supermarkets and fast food stores instead of the wonderful outdoors.  Why not bring a … Read More