Forage for berries in your own garden

It may seem like we have moved past the time of foraging for our food but if we think about it we have just swapped one type of foraging for another.  Of course a lot has changed since then with us foraging for our food in supermarkets and fast food stores instead of the wonderful outdoors.  Why not bring a … Read More

Grow your own berries this summer

Growing berries is a lot easier than we tend to think and are sure to astound you with their fresh and tasty berries every year.  With the popularity and demand for berries growing in South Africa due to their health benefits and amazing taste more and more people are asking us for all the different kinds of berries.  Currently we … Read More

The many faces of edible gardening

It’s so encouraging to see how many people are taking up edible gardening in the past few years.  The reasons for growing your own are diverse ranging from better taste and freshness, to lowering your carbon footprint and doing your part in the fight for food security.  We tend to think of a veggie garden as a big bed which … Read More

Grow your own

  There are many reasons for growing your own fruit and veggies.  Whether you’re growing for an abundant harvest or trying to get away from all the harmful chemicals, the advantages of growing your own are numerous.  Freshness and taste are superior when you grow it yourself, think of it as a supermarket in your garden.  Not sure where to … Read More