Grow your own winter soup garden

Winter soup

Few things provide the satisfaction of knowing that you are eating a hearty homecooked meal, but moreover knowing that it is homegrown too. So, let Adriaan guide you through growing your own winter soup garden. A project such as this is also an excellent opportunity to get kids involved. The process of seeing their hard work slowly come to fruition … Read More

The Cream-Striped Owl Moth

Who goes there? An uncommon guest has been visiting our homes in the East Rand of late. I’m alluding to the Cream-Striped Owl Moth (Cyligramma latona). They belong to the family Noctuidae. The owl-eyed markings on the moth’s wings are certainly its most striking feature. The purpose of such markings is to convince potential predators that it is dealing with something … Read More

The magical allure of autumn

Autumn conjures up images of trees changing colour, chill mornings and wrapping your hand around a mug of hot chocolate. Traditionally autumn was a time to harvest crops, stockpiling food for winter and celebrating the harvest. Yet autumn is also a time of abundance and beauty. This we find in the stunning colours we get from the plant’s leaf colour … Read More

Plant a fruit tree now for a bounty in the coming season

Remember the days when fruit actually had a taste? The best way to guarantee that you can enjoy nature’s bounty is to grow your own. The advantages of healthy homegrown fruit are legion. Not only do homegrown fruit taste like real fruit should, sweet and juicy, but you will save money as well has lower your own carbon footprint. Growing … Read More

Six year-round gardening resolutions

One way through which we know that it is the New Year is by all the joggers out on the roads and the spectacular spike in gym attendance. We always set goals for ourselves as we embark on a new year, yet these rarely extend to our gardens. So, why not pick a few simple gardening resolutions that you can … Read More