Sowing the seeds

There are few things in life as rewarding as growing a plant from seed and nurturing it till it is all grown up.  Whether you’re sowing for a bountiful harvest or a stunning show of colour you’ll find once you start sowing you just can’t stop.  Growing from seed is one of the best ways to save money in the … Read More

Success with seed

A plant seed truly is a miraculous thing.  They can lay dormant in the soil for decades at a time and as soon as conditions are favourable enough they spring to life, continuing the cycle of life anew.  Growing from seed is always such a journey for me, starting when you sow the seeds and culminating at your destination when … Read More

My Cymbidium has finished flowering, what do I do now?

  Your Cymbidium has flowered profusely throughout winter delighting you with its stunning blooms.  Now that it has finished flowering it may need repotting to ensure that it will grace you with another season of colour.  If your cymbidium hasn’t been repotted in the past three years or if there’s no space left for new growth it will require repotting.  … Read More

How to repot a Cymbidium

  As spring starts heating up your Cymbidium blooms will slowly start fading and finish flowering.  At the nursery we get a lot of questions from gardeners on why their Cymbidiums haven’t flowered this year or even for a few seasons in a row.  The reasons for them not flowering are often one or a combination of the following:  insufficient … Read More

Arbor week 2013

 So much for spring day yesterday.  The cold has come just in time to spoil our spring day celebrations.  Luckily the chill hasn’t lasted that long and is already dissipating, let’s hope it is the last.  Spring day always heralds one of the most important weeks on our environmental calendar: Arbor week.  One tends to think of arbor week as … Read More