Going daisy this spring

                                   Lacking a bit of colour in your garden.  Tired of replacing your plants year after year.  Then look no further than daisy bushes.  They will provide colour throughout the season and will keep on flowering year after year.  Some of the more popular varieties in the daisy family (Asteracae) are our very own Cape daisies and the ever popular … Read More

Colour your garden with Daisy bushes

Walking through the garden this week the signs are all around us that nature is waking up from her lengthy winter slumber.  During this time of the year our gardens tend to look a bit faded and lacking in the colour department.  For a quick fix, flowering annuals are perfect, but for those of us who want something more permanent, … Read More

A Lawn’s allure

The soft embrace of a lush lawn.  The smell of freshly cut grass.  All of these sensations reminds one of days spent as a child frolicking and playing on the lawn.  Lawns are more than just an open space.  They are outdoor living rooms, where joyous memories are made and lessons learnt.  They are tranquil islands of green in an … Read More

After the weekend rain

Nothing soothes the soul like waking up to a garden that is fresh and vibrant from the rain on the weekend.  Our gardens are filled with the promise of new growth, yet before we can start planting we have to prepare our garden beds. Not sure how.  Read my article on getting your beds ready for spring gardening.

Getting your garden beds ready for spring

For a lot of us looking at our garden beds this time of the year can be disheartening. There tends to be a lot of bare patches of dirt, devoid of any colour or greenery.  While these bare patches can be depressing, one should rather look at them as a blank canvas full of promise awaiting your vision.  With spring … Read More