Create your own food box in six easy steps

Gone are the days of massive yards with big open spaces for food gardening.  Enter the age of duplexes and town houses. Despite growing space being limited, you can still enjoy the rewards of growing your own food. One way of getting around the space problem is by planting your edibles in containers and hanging baskets.  Lately, wooden boxes have … Read More

Splashes of Colour with Summer Flowers

Don’t let the heat get you down by bringing some cooling colour into your garden with Heckers’ guide on an amazing selection of colourful flowers for this summer.  With the intense heat we have been experiencing lately we can definitely say that summer is here.  Luckily there are plants that thrive in this scorching weather and will make your garden … Read More

Hot and happening food gardening for the summer

Food gardening

We have seen an amazing increase in the amount of people opting for food gardening in the last few years. There are several good reasons for people making this decision, for example: Growing your own food allows you to control what goes into them. This allows you to provide safer, healthier food for your family that you can be sure … Read More


If you are looking for a low maintenance plant with lots of colour, look no further than Bougainvilleas.  They are the perfect plant with the current dry weather we are experiencing, whilst astounding us with their divine blooms.  Bougainvilleas originate from South America but have managed to find their way into gardens all over the world.  They flower all the … Read More

Waterwise guide for this season

At last the first drops have fallen and the change in our gardens have been instant.  Let’s hope we get another shower soon to keep the momentum in our gardens going.  However, we are still not out of the woods in regards to water shortages and the shortsightedness of our municipalities and water departments.  One could rant on for hours … Read More