Blueberry basics – Grow your own

Grow your own Blueberries

Strangely enough, one of my favourite flowers belongs to a plant better known for its delicious fruit.  Blueberries have the most elegant white bell shaped flowers. The best part is that as soon the flowers fade those tasty berries start growing.  Blueberries are packed full of antioxidants, making them a true super food.  Read on to find out everything you … Read More

All you need to know about Cymbidium orchids

Besides their flowers, their appeal also lies in how exceptionally easy they are to keep. One could almost say that they “thrive on neglect”, with even the most uncared for plant still having the chance to astound with its blooms.  With that in mind, providing your Cymbidium with its preferred growing conditions can only result in a riot of colour.  … Read More

Add a splash of colour to your winter garden

Ornamental Kale

Never mind “winter is coming”, with the crispness in the air it already feels like winter has begun to spread its cold fingers. Winter can be a miraculous time in the garden if you know how to look. Beauty can be found in a bare tree’s silhouette against the setting sun, or in the flurry of wildlife activity in our … Read More

Grow your own winter soup garden

Winter soup

Few things provide the satisfaction of knowing that you are eating a hearty homecooked meal, but moreover knowing that it is homegrown too. So, let Adriaan guide you through growing your own winter soup garden. A project such as this is also an excellent opportunity to get kids involved. The process of seeing their hard work slowly come to fruition … Read More

The Cream-Striped Owl Moth

Who goes there? An uncommon guest has been visiting our homes in the East Rand of late. I’m alluding to the Cream-Striped Owl Moth (Cyligramma latona). They belong to the family Noctuidae. The owl-eyed markings on the moth’s wings are certainly its most striking feature. The purpose of such markings is to convince potential predators that it is dealing with something … Read More