With the holiday season behind us, it is back to the rat race for most of us. That means less time to spend in the garden and more time stuck in traffic.  Luckily for you we have put together some of the tasks you will have to do to get your garden looking at its best.
One of the first things you will have noticed is how much your plants have grown since you’ve last seen them.  Some of your plants will be looking a bit overgrown and scraggly especially if their flowers are spent.  It is best to prune them back by at least a third as this will encourage new growth and better flowering.  Prune back your pots and baskets as well if they are looking a bit leggy and unkempt.  With the intense heat and sporadic rains we have been experiencing as of late it can be a bit of a headache to keep the garden watered.  If you want to save on the amount and frequency of watering your best option is to resort to Nature’s way of gardening by starting to mulch your garden.  Mulching effectively can save you up to 70% in watering costs as well as saving you precious time.  To find out more on the benefits of mulching,  click on this link.
Be sure to feed your plants regularly which will keep them strong and ensure that they give you a stunning show throughout the heat.  Fertilizing your plants is essential to keep them growing happily.  One could scatter a slow release fertilizer such as Bounce Back or water your plants with Multisol.   Water your plants thoroughly to ensure that water reaches the roots deep down.  Best is to build a basin around your plants that aren’t established or seem to be struggling in the heat, fill this basin with water to ensure that the water reaches the roots and doesn’t just run off the soil.  Replace any plants that have died during the course of the holidays.  Dianthus and Gazanias are perfect to add a bit off colour to sunny spots in the garden and the bonus is that they are hardy and will flower through winter.  Our lawns can take quite a hammering from the heat so be sure to water your lawn deeply in hot and dry weather.  Fertilizing your lawn with a slow release fertilizer such as Bladerunner will be sure to make your lawn the envy of the whole neighbourhood.
Now with your garden sorted you can enjoy the fruits of your labour by relaxing in your natural haven.