Beautiful Bougainvillea

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Beautiful Bougainvillea

If you are looking for a low maintenance plant with lots of colour, look no further than Bougainvilleas.  They are the perfect plant with the current dry weather we are experiencing, whilst astounding us with their divine blooms.  Bougainvilleas originate from South America but have managed to find their way into gardens all over the world.  They flower all the way through Spring to Autumn.  Bougainvilleas are one of the most popular garden plants, and I can only see their popularity rising in the current weather.

Bougainvilleas @ Heckers
The flower is actually the little white bit in the centre.

Why Bougainvilleas are so popular

  • Bougainvilleas produce masses of stunning blooms that keep on flowering even during the toughest times.
  • Their beauty comes from the coloured bracts with the true flower being the tiny white bit in the centre.
  • Bougainvilleas are extremely drought tolerant once established and tend to flower better when left on the dry side for periods.
  • They are easy to grow, low maintenance, and able to withstand some neglect.
  • Bougainvilleas are perfectly suited for growing as a bonsai and looks stunning when in flower.
Bougainvilleas @ Heckers
Create a wall of colour.

Where to plant your Bougainvillea

  • Bougainvilleas prefer as much sunlight as possible with a preference for warm afternoon sun.
  • They make stunning focal points when used in pots and containers, and also tend to flower more profusely when slightly root-bound.
  • One can easily use them for hedging and screening purposes.
  • Bougainvilleas are the ideal plants for patios and balconies, where they will astound you with their colour.
  • They work excellent as a climber and are perfect for covering up those ugly walls – provided they have trellising or something to grow onto.
Bougainvillea look absolutely stunning in containers.

Looking after your Bougainvillea

  • Feed them regularly with a fertiliser for flowering plants.
  • Mulching your Bougainvilleas regularly will help you save even more water.
  • Protect them from frost in winter. Once established they will be more resilient against the cold.
  • Trim them to encourage new growth and maintain shape – always after flowering in January.
Bougainvilleas @ Heckers
Think of planting different colours together to get a show like this.

I find that the trickiest part with Bougainvilleas is to choose only one.  They come in a multitude of colours, ranging from orange, pink, purple and all shades in between.  There are even varieties with variegated foliage which will provide you with colour even when not in flower.  We have a lovely selection at the moment, from bushy plants to lollipops.  Plant them now to ensure that they are settled before the next winter.  Bring some water-wise colour into your garden this summer with beautiful Bougainvilleas.


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