Herbs for Healthy Living

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Herbs are friendly undemanding, fresh and fragrant companions that can greatly improve our health and well-being, whether we are ill or well. And, no matter what the situation, there is a green friend that will extend a helping branch. “To be surrounded by the sweet scents of herbs is the perfect antidote to overwork and stress “ Lesley Bremness. History of herbs and spices Fresh herbs and spices provided vitamins and minerals long before our need for them was understood. They have...

Growing food during lock-down

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Growing your own food has always been a good idea, but with global lock-down, now more than ever. Food security will become a huge concern but growing your own edibles has many additional advantages such as helping to combat anxiety and depression, alleviating boredom and getting safe exercise. Planning your edible garden   What to plant when First take into account that most edibles are seasonal. Selecting a site for your edibles. Choosing the right spot to plant your edibles is crucial. Consider making...

Soil preparation

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Soil preparation is one of the cornerstones of any gardening. The best soils, known as loams, contain some sand, some silt and a little clay. Loams better hold nutrients, provide adequate drainage, and are workable, easily letting roots penetrate. Adding organic matter, such as compost, is the easiest way to improve your soil. For a comprehensive take on everything you could possibly want to know about soil, visit our partners from Bark Unlimited. Soil preparation for garden beds Remove weeds and...

Selecting a site for your food garden

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Picking the right location for your food garden is absolutely crucial. A sub-par location can result in sub-par veggies! Here are a few tips for choosing a good site: Plant in a sunny location. Most vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. There are a few veggies that will tolerate some shade. Plant in moist, well-drained soil. If you have poorly drained soil (water pools), plant veggies in a raised bed. If you have rocky soil, till and remove the rocks.  Plant in a...

More about Myrtle

Myrtle -  Botany Myrtus, with the common name myrtle, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae The genus Myrtus has three species recognised today: Myrtus communis – Common myrtle; native to the Mediterranean region in southern Europe. Myrtus nivellei – Saharan myrtle; native to North Africa. Myrtus phyllireaefolia In the garden Myrtus communis is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant for use as a shrub in gardens and parks. It is often used as a hedge plant, with its small leaves shearing cleanly. The...

Tea-time with Adriaan

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How herbal tea rescued my health and how to grow your own. I cover everything from soil preparation to harvesting and making delicious, healthy herbal teas

Make Your Own Compost and Mulch This Autumn

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Here's a handy compost guide on making compost and mulch with material collected from your own garden. Don't let all those free leaves go to waste!

Top 10 plants for attracting butterflies to your garden

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Attracting butterflies to your garden can be quite a conundrum at times. We want beautiful butterflies to grace our gardens but not their caterpillars which are the larval stage of butterflies.  Caterpillars feed on their specific host plants, whilst causing some damage to the plant, it is not enough to harm them permanently. The host plant will soon recover. The Basics When trying to encourage butterflies to your garden try not to use insecticides, as this will kill either the adult...
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Grow your own Heavenly Hyacinths

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Anyone who loves beautiful things will adore a garden of Hyacinths. From ancient Greek lore to French royalty, these gorgeous blooms have been a favourite throughout history. Hyacinths originate from the eastern Mediterranean, West and Central Asia but are grown and adored all over the world. In South Africa, the most commonly seen hyacinths stem from plants cultivated in the Netherlands during the 18th century and are blue, pink or white. Hyacinths enchant many species! Fragrant and striking, hyacinths were a...
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What the fungi

From bread mould to penicillin, fungi are an integral part of our world. Although it might not be obvious, fungi are all around us. The Fungal kingdom is so big that in 2017 estimates suggest that there may be between 2.2 million to 3.8 million species in existence. What makes Fungi truly amazing is its diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colours. Fungi range from the microscopic to giant organisms. The Honey fungus is the biggest recorded homogeneous organism...