After the weekend rain

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Nothing soothes the soul like waking up to a garden that is fresh and vibrant from the rain on the weekend.  Our gardens are filled with the promise of new growth, yet before we can start planting we have to prepare our garden beds. Not sure how.  Read my article on getting your beds ready for spring gardening.

Getting your garden beds ready for spring

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For a lot of us looking at our garden beds this time of the year can be disheartening. There tends to be a lot of bare patches of dirt, devoid of any colour or greenery.  While these bare patches can be depressing, one should rather look at them as a blank canvas full of promise awaiting your vision.  With spring on our doorstep, all our fingers are itching to get dirty and do some gardening, but before we can...

Spring pruning made easy

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  Walking through the garden this week, one thing is clearly evident; spring has come early this year.  The peach trees are starting to blossom and all around the garden, buds are swelling heralding the end of winter and the start of spring.  We are sure to have a few chilly days left, but it seems as if winter’s icy grip is finally slipping away. With spring around the corner it is time to spring clean your garden.  One of the...