Season's greetings

With the holidays upon us it is time to start relaxing and to try and forget about the rat race.  Now is the time to rekindle old friendships and spend some much needed time with the family.  For everybody traveling over the holidays, be safe and enjoy the ride, our country is filled with so […]

The hail strikes again

Just as soon as we were recovering from the damage done by the hail the unthinkable happened and we had a devastating hailstorm this morning at around 02:00 at Hecker Homegrown which is our growing side.  Luckily the plants will recover, I’m not that sure about some of the structures.  Have a look for yourself.

Don’t despair after the hail

Waking up this Tuesday was sure to bring some of us close to tears, seeing the extent of the damage that the hail has caused.  Coincidentally the hail come 3 days a year ago from the massive hailstorm we had last year on the 8th of November.   It can be quite depressing especially after all […]

Arbor week 2013

 So much for spring day yesterday.  The cold has come just in time to spoil our spring day celebrations.  Luckily the chill hasn’t lasted that long and is already dissipating, let’s hope it is the last.  Spring day always heralds one of the most important weeks on our environmental calendar: Arbor week.  One tends to […]

After the weekend rain

Nothing soothes the soul like waking up to a garden that is fresh and vibrant from the rain on the weekend.  Our gardens are filled with the promise of new growth, yet before we can start planting we have to prepare our garden beds. Not sure how.  Read my article on getting your beds ready […]