With the rains finally arriving, our gardens have suddenly been transformed into an oasis of green and colour. With this change, the creatures and critters in our gardens also spring to life. These denizens are often misunderstood and unappreciated. However, they play an integral role in maintaining a natural, healthy equilibrium in our gardens.

When looking at nature, you will find that everything is in balance and sustainable. Nothing goes to waste and everything, no matter how big or small, contributes to the circle of life. We are currently living in the age of instant gratification where we want everything and we want it yesterday. On the other hand, Nature tends to take the long view with much better results. Shifting to the way Nature does things can be frightful for some but I tend to look at it as an amazing journey. Some of the benefits of encouraging wildlife to make a home in your garden are:

Benefits of wildlife


How to make your garden nature-friendly

Once you have created your oasis you will be astounded by the amount of weird and wonderful creatures in your garden, each with their own role to play. Also have a peek on our Pinterest board for some useful and interesting tips on gardening with wildlife. Establishing a safe haven for wildlife is a great step towards living closer and together with nature.