Growing garlic gives you an ample supply of one of nature’s best healing herbs. Garlic is one of those amazing plants that has been used by mankind since recorded history. There are many different types of garlic, with most belonging to the Alium sativum group of plants.

Garlic is known mainly for its bulbs, however, all parts of the plant can be used.

Besides flavouring, garlic has uses ranging from culinary to medicinal. For example, garlic stems work great in stir-fries.  Throughout history, garlic has been used for ailments ranging from depression, heart disease, male potency and the father of modern medicine Hippocrates using garlic as part of his therapeutic armamentarium.  And believe it or not but garlic was still being used as an antiseptic during World War One and Two.

Benefits of Growing Garlic

Different Types of Garlic

 Planting Garlic

Harvesting and Storing Garlic

using garlic Nursery Boksburg Flora Farm

If you want to chase colds, vampires or your in-laws away plant your garlic now.  Remember the time to plant garlic bulbs is between February and April when we have them in stock.

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