A lush green lawn in 5 easy steps

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A lush green lawn in 5 easy steps

The colour green has an instant calming effect and in today’s crazy pace of living, plants provide a reprieve for one’s soul. As a result, we need green spaces in our lives. This is all the more reason to get started on an excellent source of green: your lawn. The better care your lawn receives early in spring, the less effort it will require for the rest of the year. So follow the next steps to ensure that yours is spring ready:

Step 1: Check tools

  • Ensure that your lawnmower is functioning properly. If not, have it serviced.
  • Make sure that your water sprinklers are in working order.
  • A steel rake is a necessity for getting the old thatch out from between the grass.
Stay a cut above the rest

Step 2: Start cutting

  • Begin by putting your lawnmower’s blade on a setting that will cut the grass rather short and proceed to mow.
  • Then cut the grass down to about 3cm. However, if the roots are shallow cut back to just above these.
  • Rake out all the thatch (old bits of grass) from between the short cut grass with a steel rake.

Step 3: Apply lawndressing

  • Now apply a layer of lawndressing.
  • The sparser the lawn, the more lawndressing you will have to apply.
  • Lawndressing can also be applied to level out uneven areas, or raise it to the desired level.
  • Use the back of a rake to spread the lawndressing evenly
Don’t let the grass grow under your feet by postponing lawncare

Step 4: Fertilise

  • Start feeding your lawn by applying a lawn fertiliser.
  • Make sure that you are using a fertiliser made specifically for lawns.
  • If you are using a chemical fertiliser, ensure that you do not over apply, as it can burn the grass.
  • Hence I recommend using an organic fertiliser eliminates any chance of the lawn being burnt.

Step 5: Water

  • Watering is essential for the growth and nutrition of your lawn.
  • Ideally, watering must be done early in the morning so that lawn is dry at night. Reason being that this will reduce any chance of fungal diseases developing.
  • Furthermore, watering early in the day will also reduce the chance of the water evaporating.
Try not to water your lawn during the heat of the day

Spring seems to be in full swing and now is the perfect time to get started on your lawn.  So have a look at our promotions for August, these will help you get your lawn and garden ready for spring.  Finally all thats left to do is to sit back and watch the grass grow greener on your side.


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