Remember the days when fruit actually had a taste? The best way to guarantee that you can enjoy nature’s bounty is to grow your own. The advantages of healthy homegrown fruit are legion. Not only do homegrown fruit taste like real fruit should, sweet and juicy, but you will save money as well has lower your own carbon footprint. Growing your own fruit can seem like a daunting task but the rewards are well worth the effort. Get a head start on your fist harvest by planting a fruit tree before winter extends its icy fingers.

It doesn’t get any better than homegrown freshness.

The best spot for your fruit tree


Planting your fruit tree

The possibilities are endless.

Caring for your fruit tree

Fruit tree blossoms announce spring with a fanfare.

Fruit trees are truly multi-purpose trees: providing shade during summer, a bounty of fruit during springtime and masses of stunning blooms. Growing your own fruit also allows you to control what they get sprayed with for pests and diseases. Healthy fruit will always have a few blemishes or marks in contrast to the plastic perfect fruit that we get these days. You will find that growing your own fruit can be one of the most rewarding experiences yet. So no more excuses – time to start digging!

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