Valentine’s gifts can be a tricky one, with all the expectations to splash out on the craziest of gifts.  Why not keep it simple this year and go for something that will grow on your Valentine?  A living gift offers so much more than an uninspired gift from the shops that will just end up in the back of the closet anyway.  Have a read below and see which type of plant will suit your Valentine the best.

 For the passionate

One of the best gifts for your Valentine is definitely a chilli plant.  Whether that fiery person in your life is an avid cook or someone that loves bright and unusual colours, they are sure to enjoy this spicy gift.  Ornamental chillies can be kept indoors in bright light whereas edible chillies prefer a spot on the patio or in semi-shade.  Only water them as soon as the soil has dried out.valentines gift peppers

Enduring love

If you have a feeling your Valentine might end up inadvertently killing their plant, then a succulent is the solution.  They thrive on neglect and will continue to grow through those dry spells.  They can even be planted in a sunny spot in the garden.  Water them sparingly.valentines gifts cacti and succulents

Sophisticated twist

Lately orchids have become the ideal gift for any occasion and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  With so many different varieties available, they are sure to delight any taste or fancy. They require bright light and a weekly watering. Some varieties can flower for up to 3 months at a time.valentines gift orchids

For the romantic

Roses are guaranteed to thrill any hopeless romantic with their alluring history and association with Valentine’s Day.  With cut rose prices being manipulated during this commercialised day, it is wiser to rather give something that lasts more than a week.  What is more, you can step out of the red convention with an array of different varieties and colour combinations. Roses need a sunny spot with regular watering. Remember to add mulch to ensure it grows at its best.valentines gift roses

Something Zen

Bonsai are especially popular Valentine’s Day gift for men.  An understated gift that bring a much needed sense of calm and serenity to our crazy life styles. Even more so to someone that doesn’t have much space for a garden. And if your Valentine tends to be a bit OCD they will have a Bonsai that they can trim to their heart’s content.  Being a miniature tree Bonsai still require sunlight.  The best spot would be on a patio or veranda in semi-shade.valentines gift bonsai

Flowering plants

Still not sure what to get?  This time of the year there is always a stunning range of flowering plants available so don’t fret, you are sure to find something for that special one in your life.  Be sure to ask our personnel what care is required.  Try and think of something different; a berry bushes harvest can be celebrated every year.valentines gift pot
With so many interesting options available you are sure to put a smile on that special someone’s face this Valentine’s Day without making it the usual cliché.

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