Don’t let the heat get you down by bringing some cooling colour into your garden with Heckers’ guide on an amazing selection of colourful flowers for this summer.  With the intense heat we have been experiencing lately we can definitely say that summer is here.  Luckily there are plants that thrive in this scorching weather and will make your garden come alive with a display of stunning blooms.

Easy Waves and Calibrachoas

Easy wave Petunias and Calibrachoas are sun loving, low growing ground covers that will grace your garden with non-stop colourful blooms.  Calibrachoas are also known as Million Bells Petunia due to their flower being similar to “regular” Petunias.

  • They are great for pots and hanging baskets with their cascading habit.
  • Think of mixing Million bells and Easy Waves together for the contrast of big and small flowers that complement each other lovely.
  • They are perennial and will give you a show of colour for a couple of years.
  • The only bit of maintenance that they require is a haircut as soon as they become leggy. Trim them back by about a third to encourage new blooms and growth.
  • They are both water-wise and will only require watering as soon as the soil dries out. When over watered their leaves starting wilting and can easily be confused with lack of water, so rather feel the soil beforehand to confirm if it indeed needs water.

Trailing Verbenas

Trailing Verbena’s are tough ground covers that keep on flowering right through summer.  They are very low maintenance and will thrive even when neglected.  There are even some stunning varieties that change colour as the flowers age.

  • As with the Easy Waves and Calibrachoas, they are perfect for containers and hanging baskets in sunny spots.
  • Trailing Verbenas look very similar to their annual counterparts with the difference being that they have a spreading growth habit and are perennial to boot.
  • Trim them back regularly to encourage new blooms.

Cape Daisies

Osteospermum or better known as Cape Daisies, are stunning indigenous flowering shrubs that will brighten up your garden in a flash.  As the name implies they originate from the Cape region and has been hybridised to give us a stronger plant and multitude of stunning colours.

  • These are also water wise and prefer sunny spots. They are easy to grow and require minimal maintenance.
  • Cape Daisies can grow taller than knee height but it’s best to trim them back after flowering as to encourage new growth and more flowers.
  • They can be used to great effect in pots and mixed containers or on their own in the garden.
  • They really are one of the most rewarding garden plants for colour and you will struggle to find a gap to cut them back, as they flower that much.

Marguerite Daisies

Marguerite Daisies (Argyranthemum frutescens) are stunning evergreen shrubs growing to above hip height and prefer a nice sunny spot.  These are old favourites for colour in the garden which are still going strong and yet wowing us every year with new colours and flower shapes.

  • It is best to prune them back regularly to prevent them from becoming leggy and woody.
  • They can be used in pots with the added benefit of container gardening keeping them more compact.
  • They come in a stunning array of colours and flower shapes to satisfy any taste.
  • Remember to mulch around their base after planting.

Impatiens Big Bounce

A stunning new release for this year.  Big Bounce Impatiens will astound you with its masses of flowers and big growth habit.  Big Bounce is a new interspecific hybrid giving you all the flower power of old school Impatiens walleriana with better disease resistance and better growth habit.

  • Growing up to 60cm in height and 60cm wide they are guaranteed to be a stand-out performer in your garden.
  • Big Bounce is extremely versatile, being able to grow in shade or sun. However, remember to water them more when planted in sunny areas.
  • Big Bounce is resistant to downy mildew unlike the older Impatiens walleriana.
  • The name Bounce comes from its ability to bounce back from being neglected or under watered. A quick watering and they are at their best in no time.
  • A free flowering annual that also works in pots and hanging baskets.

Plectranthus Mona Lavender

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is not a Lavender but rather a stunning shade perennial perfect for planting under trees and dappled shade.  Plectranthus is a large family of indigenous plants ranging from sprawling ground covers to bigger shrubs.

  • Mona Lavenders are one of the easiest plants to look after. Being indigenous, they require less water and care.
  • They produce masses of dainty lavender coloured flowers on elegant stalks. An added bonus is the underside of their leaves, which are a deep purple.
  • Their leaves are also fragrant and have a spicy aroma.
  • They can be damaged by cold weather, so protect them until they are established and they will tolerate the cold better.
  • Mona lavenders also work great in pots and containers. Think of mixing them with some Big Bounce

You will be pleased to know that all of these plants are homegrown by Heckers and come with a lower carbon footprint, superior quality and are cultivated with care.  Try some of these beautiful plants and you will be guaranteed loads of colourful flowers throughout summer.