Spoil her with a Cyclamen pot this Mother's Day

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Spoil her with a Cyclamen pot this Mother's Day

Cyclamen make the perfect gift for Mothers day with their stunning blooms and longevity.  Another great idea is to get the whole family involved and plant up a special Cyclamen pot for mom.  Come to think of it, not just for Mothers day, but to bring some colour into the home and garden during the Winter chill.  The best thing about Cyclamen is that you can get them to come back year after year to delight with their stunning colours.  Let’s first have a look at the basics of looking after your Cyclamen and then we’ll get to planting our Cyclamen pot.

The difficult part is choosing which colour


  • Cyclamen are cool season bulbous plants that start growing in Autumn and die down in early summer.
  • We start selling Cyclamen from April, just be careful of too much heat during this time.
  • The colder it gets the better Cyclamen flower; if you’re keeping your Cyclamen indoors think of taking it out at night to get some of that cool winter air they love so much.


  • Cyclamen work equally well indoors in bright light or outdoors in the shade.
  • When keeping Cyclamen outdoors think of keeping them in shade to semi-shade morning sun is fine but no harsh afternoon sun.
  • Indoors they prefer as much bright light as possible – if they don’t get enough light they won’t flower at their best.
  • They work great in pots and hanging baskets or on their own – or mix them with other shade-loving plants.
If the shoe fits? Cyclamen it!


  • When keeping Cyclamen indoors it is best to water them from below once a week- Fill a basin with water and let the pot stand in the water till the soil is moist on top.
  • Be careful of overwatering your outdoor Cyclamen; always wait for the soil to dry out before watering.
  • Remove spent flowers by twisting the flower stems right at the base; this will ensure that your Cyclamen looks a lot neater with masses of blooms.
  • Feed your Cyclamen every second week with a liquid fertiliser to keep it looking at its best.
  • As the weather warms up during summer your Cyclamen will start to go dormant; move it to a shady out of the way spot gradually watering less and only increasing watering as soon as it’s starts growing again in Autumn

Five steps to planting your own cyclamen pot

Finally, we get to plant the lovely Cyclamen pot I alluded to at the beginning.  Think of planting containers as following a recipe where you can change the ingredients as long as they fit.  The main ingredient of this pot is our striking Cyclamen, some annual colour with primroses and a trailing Plectranthus baurii with its beautiful foliage.  The trick when picking your ingredients is to ensure they have the same light and watering requirements; in this case, they all prefer shade and likes to dry out between being watered.  One could easily substitute the Plectranthus for Lamium or Vinca as they have the same requirements.  Then you need potting soil with a bit of bonemeal mixed in, gravel for the base and some pebbles or bark chips as a decorative mulch.

Spoil her with a Cyclamen pot this Mother's Day 3

Step 1:

Add some gravel to the base of your pot; this will ensure the drainage holes don’t become clogged up with soil.

Spoil her with a Cyclamen pot this Mother's Day 5

Step 2:

Fill your pot up with your soil mix to the level of your biggest plant; in this case our Cyclamen.

Spoil her with a Cyclamen pot this Mother's Day 7

Step 3:

Continue planting the rest of your plants, filling up with soil as you go. Be aware of planting them to the same level as they were in their pots or trays.


Step 4:

Add a layer of pebbles or bark chips which will act as mulch helping to save water and improve the look of your pot.


Step 5:

Water thoroughly and there you have it, you may not even want to give this away seeing  how beautiful it looks.

Now comes the difficult part: deciding whether you going to keep it for yourself or as a lovely Mothers day gift for mom? Either way, it is certain to brighten anyone’s life.  Remember next weekend Sunday, 8th May is Mothers day; so pop into the nursery and spoil that special lady in your life that has given you so much.  Keep an eye on our facebook page for some lovely pictures of our Mothers day range

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