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Nursery near me Myrtle

Myrtle –  Botany Myrtus, with the common name myrtle, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae The genus Myrtus has three species recognised today: Myrtus communis – …

Tea-time with Adriaan

Tea-time with Adriaan

How herbal tea rescued my health and how to grow your own. I cover everything from soil preparation to harvesting and making delicious, healthy herbal teas

Spring Lawn Care for Gauteng Gardens

lawn care gauteng

In this brief article, I will be simplifying lawn care for you. We all have different reasons for wanting a lush green lawn.  For some, it is about having a …

Respect the Spek: The amazing Spekboom

Spekboom Elephant Jade

Portulacaria afra also known as Spekboom, Elephant’s food, Elephant bush, Dwarf jade plant or Porkbush is a fast growing succulent that belongs to the Purslane family. It is an industrious …