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Hecker Nursery first opened its doors in 1981 as an extension of Ronnie and Rika’s passion and love for nature in all its shapes and guises. We strive to inspire local gardeners to transform their homes into a wonderful, healing and environmentally friendly retreat, by using our excellent garden products, honest, friendly service and practical solutions.

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Colour the cold with Hecker Homegrown pansies

Throughout the years, a slight morning and evening chill has always been accompanied by the wondrous sight of seeing... read more
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Herbs for Healthy Living

Herbs are friendly undemanding, fresh and fragrant companions that can greatly improve our health and well-being, whether we are... read more
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Watering in Winter

"Why do my pansies look so wilted? I am giving them loads of water!"  The aforementioned statement is something... read more
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Growing food during lock-down

Growing your own food has always been a good idea, but with global lock-down, now more than ever. Food... read more
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Soil preparation

Soil preparation is one of the cornerstones of any gardening. The best soils, known as loams, contain some sand,... read more
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Selecting a site for your food garden

Picking the right location for your food garden is absolutely crucial. A sub-par location can result in sub-par veggies!... read more