plant hedges
With our modern life styles, our green spaces, gardens and nature around us are being swallowed by the concrete jungle. Gardens are getting smaller and with that – our privacy.  Growing a hedge or screening plant is one of the best ways to ensure that your privacy remains intact whilst bringing a bit of nature into your (and even your lucky neighbour’s) life.  Hedges have been used for centuries with the Ancient Romans having multiple uses for them.  Hedges, tall and low growing, remain an integral part of formal landscaping due to their many uses.

Why grow plant hedges?

pruning plant hedges
Pruning your hedge can be very therapeutic

Establishing plant hedges

Maintaining your plant hedge

carbon plant hedges
A carbon hedge made with Spekboom

Low growing hedge plants

abelia plant hedges
An Abelia hedge in all its glory

Medium height hedge plants

viburnum plant hedges
Viburnum is one of the easiest hedges to grow

Tall growing hedge plants

pyracantha plant hedges
Who needs flowers when you have bright berries with a Pyracantha

Hedges for security

Hedges have shown that they aren’t just for massive estates or the country side, privacy is priceless and a hedge will ensure no leering eyes can find their way into your sanctum.  I’ll leave you with a lovely video showing some stunning maze labyrinths made from hedge plants.