Hydrangea throughout the seasons

Hydrangea macrophylla is one of our garden plants that best showcases the extreme differences in seasons.  From looking like nothing more than a bunch of twigs during winter to its stunning bountiful blooms in summer. Hydrangeas are also known as the Christmas flower owing to their amazing flowering during the festive season.  As they flower for months on end, Hydrangeas remain on of the more popular garden plants. These days there are numerous varieties that maintain their colour, or flower more often.

The attribute of Hydrangeas that sets it apart is the ability to change colour depending on the pH of the soil, ranging from brilliant pinks to deep blues.  Plant them in a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade and your Hydrangea will be looking its best.  They also work great in pots, which enables you to move them to where they show off best when in bloom.  There are varieties that flower more than once a season, producing new flowers after the initial flush. Follow the seasonal guide below to get the best from your Hydrangea year round.

Summer – Time to shine

hydrangea Hecker Nursrey
During Summer Hydrangeas truly come into their own.

Autumn – Time for decline

Hydrangea Hecker Nursery
Hydrangea leaves delighting with autumn colours.

Winter – Time for rest

Hydrangea Nursery Gauteng
Dried flowerheads are excellent for decorating.

Spring – Time for growth

hydrangea Nursery plants Boksburg
After their spring pruning, Hydrangeas get a new lease on life.

Blue vs Pink

Be on the lookout for amazing Hydrangea hybrids.

A flamboyant Hydrangea in full bloom is one of the delights of summer. They can be used for decorating and flower arrangement with aplomb.  Hydrangeas work particularly well for dried flower arrangements. To dry them, just suspend them upside-down in a well-aired room.  Have a look at some great decorating tips when using Hydrangeas.  Used on its own as a cut flower they are also guaranteed to catch the eye. A Hydrangea will truly become a feature in the garden and will leave guests delighted.  Plant one this holiday and you will be able to enjoy its beauty every year.