Selecting a site for your food garden

Choosing a site for food garden

Picking the right location for your food garden is absolutely crucial. Thus, taking a bit of time to select a site for your food gardenwill be well worth the effort. A sub-par location can result in sub-par veggies! Here are a few tips for choosing a good site:

1. Plant in a sunny location. 

Most vegetables need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. There are a few veggies that will tolerate some shade.

2. Close to Home

The best gardens are visited often! The days of keeping a garden “way out back” are long over. Place your garden on a natural path to and from your home, or locate it just out the back door. When a garden is convenient, you will take better care of it, harvest more, and keep it more attractive.

3. Level Ground

If you want to make an insta-garden, you don’t have time to install a complex terrace system. Try to select an area that’s fairly level. If you’re dealing with a gentle slope, that’s ok, but if you’re gardening on the side of a mountain this might take two weekends.

4. Favourable Microclimate

Look for an area that will be sheltered from the worst of the winds and isn’t in a depression or at the bottom of a slope where cool air will pool. In cool climates, if you build your garden on the south side of the house or near a driveway, you’ll reflect heat and light to your plants and extend the growing season. Avoid places that receive strong winds could knock over your young plants or keep pollinators from doing their job. Nor do you want to plant in a location that receives too much foot traffic or floods easily.

5. Think irrigation Before You Build

A garden that requires 127 trips back and forth across the yard with a watering-can will quickly perish. Make it easy to keep your garden appropriately watered by planning out your irrigation right from the start. A soaker hose hooked to a simple garden timer will automate your watering and help ensure success.

6. Plant in moist, well-drained soil. 

If you have poorly drained soil (water pools), plant veggies in a raised bed. If you have rocky soil, till and remove the rocks.