Aloes can be rated as some of the most rewarding indigenous plants, and although largely
overlooked have enormous potential as garden plants. The stark beauty of their strange and
inspiring architecture makes them suitable as an accent plant in a variety of settings.


They are available in such a diverse range of forms and sizes. They work great with a variety of popular exotic and indigenous plants. They are able to withstand our harsh dry South African weather. They have striking leaves and strikingly coloured flowers. They can be used in virtually any setting. They are excellent in containers. There are plenty of Aloes available that are frost resistant and many others that flower out of the cold season. The new Aloe hybrids available are specifically bred for general garden conditions and often grow faster and more resistant to frost with the bonus of spectacular flowers.


They generally grow and flower better in full sun, but will grow in a slightly shaded area (one can expect less flowers in a shaded area). They prefer well drained soils, but can adapt to a variety of soil types, except waterlogged soil.


Dig a square hole 3 to 4 times larger than the root ball. Mix half of the soil from the hole

with 70% compost, 30% sand and Bonemeal. (Superphosphate if you have pets) Fill some of this mixture back into the hole until your Aloe is at the same depth as its old container.

Place your Aloe in a straight upright position and fill up around with the remaining mixture.

Water your Aloe immediately after planting.


Once established your Aloe will be drought resistant but will grow faster and look better with moderate watering. Although Aloes do not need regular feeding, they do respond well to it by growing faster with better flowers. Feed your Aloe with Vita 3:1:5 or 5:1:5 fertilizer every 2-3 months. For lush foliage Aloes respond well to an application of Atlantic All Purpose Fertilizer periodically in the growing season. For container grown Aloes one can use a liquid fertilizer like Nitrosol or Seagro to give them a boost.


Scale and other insects- Koinor or Insecticide granules.

Aloe snout beetle– Koinor or Insecticide Granules.

Aloe cancer (galls)- Koinor or Insecticide Granules.

Aloe rust–Virikop or Coppercount.

Root rot– Virikop