At last, the first drops have fallen and the change in our gardens is instant.  Let’s hope we get another shower soon to keep our gardens looking at their best.  Yet we are still not out of the woods in regards to water shortages and incompetence from our municipalities and water department.  One can rant on for hours about the above but I feel that it is better that we rather focus on the water aspects that we have actual control over.

This water-wise guide will allow you to still enjoy your garden to the fullest. Follow our tips for a more water wise garden, that will save water and encourage healthy plants. In this article, we share our advice on improving your soil to retain water better. Some tips on water wise plant choices and gardening tips on when and how to water your garden.

 Soil care tips to a more water wise garden.

Plant choices for a water wise garden


Water wise gardening tips on when and how to water your garden.

I know some of the advice doesn’t fit in with the current water restrictions we are facing.  To me, the conversation should rather be around responsible water use in all spheres and not just the singling out of gardens as a waste of water.  I personally believe that gardeners are more conscious of the value of water and its importance than the general public.  Let’s use our common sense when it comes to water usage and try and save as much as we can while we are at it.          

More resources

This is a list of water wise plants to use in your garden: A list of drought-tolerant or xerophytic plants for xeriscaping in South Africa