Besides their flowers, their appeal also lies in how exceptionally easy they are to keep. One could almost say that they “thrive on neglect”, with even the most uncared for plant still having the chance to astound with its blooms.  With that in mind, providing your Cymbidium with its preferred growing conditions can only result in a riot of colour.  Continue reading for a few Cymbidium basics and then a guide of how to care for your Cymbidium through the year.

The Colour combinations are endless

Cymbidium basics

Upright growing varieties should be staked securely



Cymbidium roots
Spring will provide you with plenty of healthy new roots


Pendulous flowering Cymbidiums should be allowed to let their flowers cascade



The mass of blooms that Cymbidium produce never cease to amaze

This year we are in for a treat with Heckers hosting its first ever Cymbidium weekend.  Be sure to pop in and delight in the display of Cymbidium orchids that will grace our floor this coming event.  Bring colour into your living area with stunning Cymbidiums this winter!

(Thanks to Orchidology for permission to use their amazing photographs!)

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