Spring is finally here, and with it, many of our favourite flowering plants.  The first that comes to mind are CliviasClivia minniata is one of our more famous plants in South Africa and it has managed to find its way into gardens around the globe.  Not only do Clivias produce amazing flowers during spring, they multiply in time. Furthermor, being indigenous they are used to our extreme South African weather.

Clivias originate from the Natal woodland and riverine forest area and have become naturalised in areas with similar conditions.  Clivias have been involved in extensive breeding programs throughout the years.  Some of the traits that breeders look for include larger blooms, variegation, different flower colours and even different leaf arrangements.  Some of the hybrids sell for exorbitant prices due to their rarity.  For the purpose of this article, I will be writing about Clivia minniata and Clivia minniata citrina which are the normal orange and yellow Clivias. Let’s have a look at the where and how of growing Clivias.

Nothing says Springtime like a Clivia starting to bloom.

Where to plant Clivias

clivia miniata
Yellow Clivias has the most gentle colour.

How to plant Clivias

lily borer
Typical Lily borer damage. Photo: (c) Katja Schulz

Clivia tips and tricks

Look at how the colour changes as the flowers fade.

Keep an eye out for all the Clivia shows happening around the country.  If you are keen on some of the rarer hybrids, one of these shows will be your best bet.  Celebrate spring by giving a Clivia a home in your garden.


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