All seeds hold within the amazing promise of life.  You will find that growing plants from seed can be a very rewarding experience and that you actually become attached to your little seedlings.  You can grow from seed to feed you and your family or you can grow to fill your garden with an abundance of colour.  However, people are often put off from growing from seed due to these not germinating properly.  Sowing seeds should not be difficult, and it definitely won’t be if you know how.  Read on and I will show you how easy it is to grow your own.

What you will need to germinate seed:

Germination tray and mix

Step 1: Fill seedling trays with soil

Spread the soil without compacting it

Step 2: Make holes for your seeds

The depth will depend on the seed type

Step 3: Sowing the seeds

Soak bigger seeds such as beans in water overnight

Step 4: Cover with soil

Now, wait till your seed gets up to speed

Step 5: Mist spray with water

Happy in their own mini hothouse

Step 6: Looking after your seedlings

Growing from seed allows you to grow plants that aren’t always available in seedling trays whilst providing an amazing experience. Start developing the habit of collecting seeds wherever you find them and sow them when you get the chance.  To further help you enjoy the promise of spring, have a look at our seed promotions. I hope you enjoy sowing your own seeds.  To inspire you here is a stunning slow motion germination video.

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