Six easy steps to prune your roses

Rose pruning seems to have come a bit earlier than usual this year with our roses thinking that it is already the end of July.  Fret not, as you can still prune your roses even if it is a bit early. Left unpruned, roses eventually carry out their own pruning by not nourishing the thinner inside growth, which slowly dries out completely and dies.  We prune roses to maintain the shape of the bush, to keep the main branches...

Watering in Winter

"Why are my pansies wilted? I am giving them enough water, every day even?"  The aforementioned statement is something one always hears during winter.  Winter watering is tricky at the best of times. To understand how one should water in winter let's have a look at how watering actually works. How watering works The soil is filled with loads of tiny air pockets that are filled with water during rain or a watering.  As the water moves downwards through the soil,...

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