We have been experiencing some very hot and dry weather lately, and it is clear that our gardens have been taking the brunt of these warm conditions.  With water being such a scarce resource in South Africa we also can’t just go and water our gardens with wild abandon. Fingers crossed we will be getting some rain soon but in the meanwhile there is some water wise practices that we can adopt in our gardens to conserve water and still get the most out of our gardens.  From rather planting indigenous plants than water guzzling exotics to watering early in the mornings instead of in the middle of the day there are many ways we can conserve water.  One of the most effective water saving practices we can adopt in our gardens is mulching.  Mulching has numerous benefits with the most important being its ability to conserve water better than anything else.  Want to find out more about mulching and the benefits it can bring to you and your garden?  Click on this link to read our article on mulching.