It’s so encouraging to see how many people are taking up edible gardening in the past few years.  The reasons for growing your own are diverse ranging from better taste and freshness to lowering your carbon footprint and doing your part in the fight for food security.  We tend to think of a veggie garden as a big bed which resembles a small scale farming project, well that was the old way of looking at it.  Veggies and herbs can find a space anywhere in our homes and gardens.

Growing edibles with limited space

If you’re low on space in the garden rather look at using containers and baskets, they will save space, and you can move them around as the conditions change.  Try planting your herbs and veggies in between your other garden plants, not only will you have a bountiful harvest to look forward to but they will bring contrast and add some amazing colours to your garden.  There never was a better time to make that lifestyle change and start growing your own edibles.  Have a look at our post on edible gardening to get you started.