Just imagine the sight of masses of rose blooms swaying in the breeze spreading their intoxicating fragrance to all who take the time to admire her.  This is the promise of a rose blooming profusely in October.  To ensure that she can stun us with her beauty there’s a few things we have to look at this month.
The summer heat seems to have come early this year and it is important to ensure that your roses are well watered.  Always create a little dam around your rose bush as this will ensure that you reach the roots right at the bottom when you water.  Roses need to stay moist in the summer heat but be mindful of watering less when we have cooler weather.  Applying mulch is a great idea to help you water less frequently and give you more time to admire your roses.  If you haven’t fed your roses yet, the time is now.  Roses are heavy feeders and extremely rewarding as they give you a magnificent flush of blooms every time you feed them.  Feed them with Rose 8:1:5, Sudden impact or any fertilizer made for roses.  Remember to water them thoroughly afterwards, more so if you are using a chemical fertilizer.
To help you get rid of unwanted pests spoiling your lovely ladies plant some marigolds in-between your roses as they will add colour as well as repelling any potential nasties.  Alternatively use a systemic insecticide like Koinor as it won’t kill beneficial insects as easily as a contact spray would.
Take a few minutes from your day to meander through your roses and allow them to inspire you with their beauty this rose October.