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Top 10 plants for attracting butterflies to your garden

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Attracting butterflies to your garden can be quite a conundrum at times. We want beautiful butterflies to grace our gardens but not their caterpillars which are the larval stage of butterflies.  Caterpillars feed on their specific host plants, whilst causing some damage to the plant, it is not enough to harm them permanently. The host plant will soon recover. The Basics When trying to encourage butterflies to your garden try not to use insecticides, as this will kill either the adult...
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Gardening for birds:  All about nesting logs and boxes

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In this stressed modern world, many urban dwellers are increasingly turning towards their gardens to renew their bond with nature. Therefore, inviting birds to your garden is one step closer to living more serenely. Read on to learn more about how to cater for the nesting needs of our feathered friends. The life-cycle of cavity nests Depending on availability, many bird species may maintain several cavities as dormitories outside the breeding season. For example, a crested barbet may raise four broods...