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Hot and happening food gardening for the summer

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We have seen an amazing increase in people opting for food gardening in the last few years. There are several good reasons for people making this decision, for example: Growing your own food allows you to control what goes into them. This allows you to provide safer, healthier food for your family that you can be certain of. With the cost of food, especially fresh produce, increasing year on year, growing your own food allows you to make considerable...

Grow your own tasty winter veggies

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We always tend to think of winter as this grey colourless season where nothing grows, anxiously waiting for Spring's warm embrace. Yet, winter holds so much potential, especially in the veggie department where we can still expect a bumper crop. For a culinary twist consider planting some tasty heirloom veggies this year, but more on heirlooms later.   Why we should grow veggies in winter No need to water your veggies as much as during summer due to the cooler temperatures. Longer...

Growing Great Garlic

Growing garlic gives you an ample supply of one of nature's best healing herbs. Garlic is one of those amazing plants that has been used by mankind since recorded history. There are many different types of garlic, with most belonging to the Alium sativum group of plants. Garlic is known mainly for its bulbs, however, all parts of the plant can be used. Besides flavouring, garlic has uses ranging from culinary to medicinal. For example, garlic stems work great in stir-fries.  Throughout...

Beat the heat in your veggie garden this summer

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In South-Africa we take pride in our warm sunny summer days. However,  with the sweltering heat we have been experiencing lately, this is taking our love of the summer to the  extreme. Luckily for us, we can always retreat to the shade, or cool down in other ways. Though unfortunately our veggies and herbs don't have this luxury and we have to help them through the blazing heat. Here are some useful ways to help them survive the summer:     ...

Grow your own Blueberries this summer

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Simply put "Blueberries are delicious", whether you use them in desserts, with baking or best yet eaten fresh off the bush.  Nothing can beat the pleasure of growing your own blueberries and being able to transform yourself into a forager in your own garden. Advantages of growing your own blueberries Fresh berries every year Amazing taste and texture Not being exploited by grocers selling berries at exorbitant prices You can control what goes into the plant The joy of watching them grow from flower to...

How To Start an Edible Garden in the East Rand

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Rocket makes a great addition to salads Starting an edible garden is one of the most rewarding projects you can embark on in your garden.  You and your family will be able to enjoy a bountiful harvest fresh from your own garden. Growing your own will allow you to move away from harmful chemicals and sprays so prevalent in shop bought produce, it will also give you the opportunity to grow edibles that aren’t always available in the shops, think of...

How to Build a Raised Bed for Your Veggies and Plants

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How to Build a Raised Bed for Your Veggies and Plants

Forage for berries in your own garden

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Blueberries starting to ripen It may seem like we have moved past the time of foraging for our food but if we think about it we have just swapped one type of foraging for another.  Of course a lot has changed since then with us foraging for our food in supermarkets and fast food stores instead of the wonderful outdoors.  Why not bring a bit of foraging back into your life by planting some fruiting berries in your garden.  You...

Grow your own berries this summer

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Growing berries is a lot easier than we tend to think and are sure to astound you with their fresh and tasty berries every year.  With the popularity and demand for berries growing in South Africa due to their health benefits and amazing taste more and more people are asking us for all the different kinds of berries.  Currently we only have black and blueberries in stock during the summer months and hopefully we will have other varieties such...