ALOES Aloes can be rated as some of the most rewarding indigenous plants, and although largelyoverlooked have enormous potential as garden plants. The stark beauty of their strange andinspiring architecture makes them suitable as an accent plant in a variety of settings. BENEFITS They are available in such a diverse range of forms and sizes. […]

All you need to know about Cymbidium orchids

Besides their flowers, their appeal also lies in how exceptionally easy they are to keep. One could almost say that they “thrive on neglect”, with even the most uncared for plant still having the chance to astound with its blooms.  With that in mind, providing your Cymbidium with its preferred growing conditions can only result […]

Grow your own winter soup garden

Heckers Garden Centre Winter Soup Recipe

In this article we learn how to grow and harvest your own winter soup garden. Few things provide the satisfaction of knowing that you are eating a hearty homecooked meal, but moreover knowing that it is homegrown too. So, let Adriaan guide you through growing your own winter soup garden. A project such as this […]

Six easy steps to prune your roses

Rose pruning seems to have come a bit earlier than usual this year with our roses thinking that it is already the end of July.  Fret not, as you can still prune your roses even if it is a bit early. Left unpruned, roses eventually carry out their own pruning by not nourishing the thinner […]

Growing Great Garlic

Growing garlic gives you an ample supply of one of nature’s best healing herbs. Garlic is one of those amazing plants that has been used by mankind since recorded history. There are many different types of garlic, with most belonging to the Alium sativum group of plants. Garlic is known mainly for its bulbs, however, all […]

Cutting the right corner: Pruning made easy

It seems like pruning time has come early again this year due to the mild winter we have been experiencing thus far.  What a pleasant surprise it was to have roses flowering throughout winter. And even seeing plants such as Clivias in bloom a lot earlier than we normally do.  Despite the risk of a […]

To mulch or not to mulch

The question is always: to mulch or not to mulch? In this article we give you a breakdown to make the best decision for your garden! With the hot and dry we have been experiencing the past few weeks, all our gardens are literally feeling the heat.  One of the easiest and simplest methods to […]

Getting through the winter blues

With winter frosty fingers having reached us, it feels as if the colour in our homes and gardens are getting less and less. Yet, there is no reason we cannot bring colour into our lives this time of the year. The answer has to be one of my all time favourites “the elegant Cyclamen”, on […]

New Ways to Think About All That Mulch in the Garden

New Ways to Think About All That Mulch in the Garden Kitchen designs, bathroom designs, and more ∨ Whether granite countertops, a custom kitchen island, or built-in wine cabinets are new kitchen musts, discover thousands of kitchen designs to help make your dream come true.With the help of a bath designer, revamp your bland bathroom […]