SPEKBOOM A industrious little plant with a very big heart that acts as a carbon sink and is a true South African hero. It seems rather unassuming for a plant with a growing reputation for saving the planet To name just a few of its amazing attributes:– Easy to grow– Low maintenance– Reduces soil erosion– Makes a […]


MULCH We are excited to introduce you to the world of mulch, a must-have for any garden enthusiast. Mulch is a fantastic addition to any garden as it provides numerous benefits that help keep your plants healthy and happy. In this brochure, we will explain what mulch is, its benefits, and how to use it in your garden. […]


AZALEAS Botanically they are called Rhododendron but in South Africa they are still commonly called Azalea and for the purpose of this article they will be referred to as Azalea. The two most readily available varieties are: Azalea indica: These Azalea varieties have oval, pointed, dark- green leaves and the shoots are covered with small flattened hairs. These versatile […]


ALOES Aloes can be rated as some of the most rewarding indigenous plants, and although largelyoverlooked have enormous potential as garden plants. The stark beauty of their strange andinspiring architecture makes them suitable as an accent plant in a variety of settings. BENEFITS They are available in such a diverse range of forms and sizes. […]

More about Myrtle

Myrtle –  Botany Myrtus, with the common name myrtle, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae The genus Myrtus has three species recognised today: Myrtus communis – Common myrtle; native to the Mediterranean region in southern Europe. Myrtus nivellei – Saharan myrtle; native to North Africa. Myrtus phyllireaefolia In the garden Myrtus […]

Sowing seeds in six easy steps

All seeds hold within the amazing promise of life.  You will find that growing plants from seed can be a very rewarding experience and that you actually become attached to your little seedlings.  You can grow from seed to feed you and your family or you can grow to fill your garden with an abundance […]

Clivias – All you need to know!


Spring is finally here, and with it, many of our favourite flowering plants.  The first that comes to mind are Clivias.  Clivia minniata is one of our more famous plants in South Africa and it has managed to find its way into gardens around the globe.  Not only do these flowers produce amazing flowers during spring, […]

A lush green lawn in 5 easy steps

The colour green has an instant calming effect and in today’s crazy pace of living, plants provide a reprieve for one’s soul. As a result, we need green spaces in our lives. This is all the more reason to get started on an excellent source of green: your lawn. The better care your lawn receives […]

Top 10 Indigenous Plants for Spring

With South Africa being a drought-prone country and water a scarce resource, we are all affected as gardeners.  The rains have been scarce this spring and it seems likely that we will be experiencing a dry season this year.  Yet there are ways to keep the watering down to a minimum (mulching being one of […]

Gardening after the rain

If you’re like me then your fingers should be itching to get into the garden after the rain.  It is amazing what rain does to our mood after the dry weather, it inspires, invigorates and encourages us.  Our gardens are filled with fresh promise after the rain and the work we do now will save […]