Herbs for Healthy Living


Herbs are friendly undemanding, fresh and fragrant companions that can greatly improve our health and well-being, whether we are ill or well. And, no matter what the situation, there is …

Growing food during lock-down

Edible garden

Growing your own food has always been a good idea, but now, few things make more sense.Food security will become a huge concern but growing your own edibles has many …

Selecting a site for your food garden

Choosing a site for food garden

Picking the right location for your food garden is absolutely crucial. Thus, taking a bit of time to select a site for your food gardenwill be well worth the effort. …

Tea-time with Adriaan

Tea-time with Adriaan

How herbal tea rescued my health and how to grow your own. I cover everything from soil preparation to harvesting and making delicious, healthy herbal teas

What the fungi

WTF Mushrrom Winnie

From bread mould to penicillin, fungi are an integral part of our world. Although it might not be obvious, fungi are all around us. The Fungal kingdom is so big …